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City loses $ 49 Million in Sole-Sourced Agreement – Jul 10/08

News Update:  Deal or No Deal – Jun 11/08 article – Globe and Mail.

Re:   ‘City Council June 23/08  ‘Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma Management Agreement’

 Torontonians’ are about to be robbed  of over  $49.36 Million* in losses for another 20 years when City Council meets on June 23rd of 2008 to approve Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma Management Agreement.

(*refer below A to D on City loses $ 49 million)

The City Manager’s report recommendations for this lease agreement were approved by the City’s Executive Committee on June 3rd 2008, granting Kiwanis Club to receive another 20 years ‘sole-sourced’ control of Casa Loma. For the past 70 years since 1936, Kiwanis Club have had monopolistic control for governance of our city-owned Casa Loma castle.

On Canada Day, Kiwanis Club (a US republican charity club) agreement will be effective for another 20 year tenure over Canada’s castle – 2nd largest tourist attraction. For a total of

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Deal or no deal – the city and Kiwanis play for CL – Jun 10/08

by JOHN BARBER June 10, 2008

Here are the clues: broken glass in a medieval turret, a handful of vintage weapons missing, a grandfather clock on the roof and a trail of blood leading north into the teeming city. Agatha Christie couldn’t have given the local constabulary juicier evidence than what one or more idiots left behind at this weekend’s bungled break-in at Casa Loma.

But the real-world detective gravitates to Schedule “G” of the draft version of the city’s latest management agreement with Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma, the one labelled “Inventory,” to discover whom this strange swag belonged to in the first place. Finding the dossier strangely empty, he undertakes a troubling journey into the heart of a one-sided deal that appears to arrange for profits from the tourist trap at the public’s expense.

Empty Schedule “G” is the tell-tale, if only because it demonstrates how one-sided the city’s latest deal with Kiwanis really is. Two years

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