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Trelawny Letters Consultation 2006-2011

Deputation-interview by Micheline Mc Kay, Arts Advocate Consultant for City Culture & Tourism- report to City Council. Re:  Casa Loma Advisory Committee (CLAC) report.

Trelawny Howell,

Great grand Niece of Sir Henry & Lady Mary Pellatt- Casa Loma

 1. History with project

As the Great grand niece of Sir Henry Pellatt who built Casa Loma in 1911-1914, I have always had a vested interest in the fate of Casa Loma.

In December 1999, I wrote to then Mayor Mel Lastman urging council to hold a public and open tender process to allow competition for the license of Casa Loma. The Kiwanis Club license was ending on September 30, 2001.  The status quo prevailed with the Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma (KCCL) license being extended for another five years to September 2006.

In the City’s licensing history for Casa Loma, there has never been a public ‘open tender’ democratic competitive process for Canada’s only landmark castle. The KCCL has had Read the rest

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