Trelawny  Howell

Great Grand Niece of Sir Henry Pellatt
Builder of Casa Loma
Descendants of Sir Henry Pellatt
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Direct descendents of the Sir Henry Pellatt's family:

John Pellatt, the great grandson of Fred Pellatt, one of Sir Henry's brothers, lives in the Toronto area. He is a successful comedy writer and broadcaster.

Mary Pellatt, daughter of Mill Pellatt, niece of Sir Henry, who lived in British Columbia. Mary Pellatt died in 2005.

Trelawny E. L. Howell,
Great Grand Niece of Lady Mary Pellatt and Sir Henry Pellatt


My Great Grandfather is Robert WALTON the BROTHER of LADY MARY PELLATT, wife of SIR HENRY PELLATT.


Mary Dodgson-Pellatt's mother Margaret Carr-Walton-Dodgson first marriage was to Thomas Walton. Their son Robert Walton married my Great Grandmother 'Clara Penrose Walton.' Their daughter is my Grandmother Mary Walton, Niece of Lady Mary Pellatt.  Mary Walton's 1st husband was my Grandfather,  James Sproule SMITH.


My Mother, Penrose Smith-Chadwick-Howell, is Lady Mary Pellatt's Grand Niece. I am her Great Grand Niece, Elizabeth Linda 'Trelawny' Howell.  Sir Henry Pellatt's wife Lady Mary Pellatt is my Grandmother's Aunt. 

My great grand-father, Hector Mansfield Howell was the Chief justice of Manitoba. My father's mother's father, Banning Richardson, was the Arch Deacon of London. Between the families they had the head of law, head of religion and the king of the castle. I have inherited their passion and spirit to fight for justice.