Trelawny Howell

Great Grand Niece of Sir Henry Pellatt
Builder of Casa Loma (1911 - 1914)
Descendants of Sir Henry Pellatt
Tel: 416-927-9866

Fax: 416-927-1825

City Reports 2011

1. May 24/11City Council votes June 14/11 Casa Loma transition approved by Mayor Ford Exec. Comm.

City Reports 2010

2. June 11, 2010 Casa Loma Governance and Operations

June 11, 2010 Governance and Operations (PDF)
June 11, 2010 'Confidential Attachment' to Governance and Operations of Casa Loma (PDF)

City Reports 2008

3. Executive Summary - Casa Loma Management Agreement (10 pages, June 3rd)

4. Casa Loma Management Agreement (56 pages, June 3rd)

Archives 2007

5. 2007July 18 City Council decision-20 year extended lease to Kiwanis 70 years Exclusive (non competitive) lease

6. July 16. City Council 'Agenda-Executive Com.

Ex.10.7 Casa Loma Operations & Governance. (Exec. Com. votes for 20 year lease extension to Kiwanis's 70 years monopoly lease).

7.Casa Loma Advisory Committee (CLAC) Report for staff 'Casa Loma Connection' covered up, not revealed to City Council.*Due to complete REVERSAL in staff's recommendations from 2006 *


8. June 8 Staff Report-Culture-Tourism (staff reverses recommendations to endorse 20 year extension to Kiwanis monopoly of 70 years leases. *Previous 3 years- staff supported CLAC's report for new governance under a Public Trust).


9. June 25, City's Executive Committee votes to grant 20-year lease to Kiwanis. (Disregards staff's CLAC advisory report for new Public Trust.)


10..*Councilor's Motion for CLAC- public trust-lost vote- Exec. Com.  June 25, /07


11. April Stakeholders Consultation on CLAC report-(Kiwanis hired same consultants to reverse direction on CLAC reports and staff recommendations)


12. *2006- 3 years staff supported CLAC's report for new governance under a Public Trust.


13. *Apr. 2006 Summary-Casa Loma Advisory Com. (CLAC) Report


14.*CLAC (Casa Loma Advisory Committee)'Casa Loma Connection' 30 p


15. CLAC Stakeholders Workshop I - Meeting (7 pgs) June 7, 2005


16. CLAC Stakeholders Workshop II - Sept 13, 2005


17. Participants List at Public Meeting Nov 30, 2005


 Trelawny's Letters to City Hall Press

 June 10, 2008 - City's Casa Loma Management Agreement


July 11, 2007 Lobbyist control Casa Loma- not City!

2006  -  June 12  Economic, Dev. Parks, Tourism Com.
2006-Dec consultation on CLAC report- interview with Trelawny- 6 pgs.
2005  Council-CLAC- Kiwanis Lease Ends Sept./06?
2005 July 13  CLAC- NO lease extension