July-16-2007 – EX10.7 AMENDED Ward: 21, 22 Casa Loma Operations and Governance

Page 26 Toronto City Council Decision Document – July 16,
17, 18 and 19, 2007

EX10.7 AMENDED Ward: 21, 22
Casa Loma Operations and Governance
City Council Decision

City Council on July 16, 17, 18 and 19, 2007, adopted the following
1. Council adopt a vision for Casa Loma to ensure that:
a. Casa Loma’s programming, curatorial focus and interpretation fully
reflect its
Edwardian heritage, tell the story of Toronto in that era, and reflect the
imagination, energy and innovation present in Toronto in the early 20th
b. complementary programming, heritage walks, signage and marketing
create a
heritage precinct that links the Casa Loma estate to Spadina Museum and
City Archives, two important City assets in the neighbourhood; and
c. a refreshed visitor experience and stimulating heritage tours attract a
number of Torontonians to the Casa Loma estate.

2. The City Manager and the Chief Corporate Officer, in conjunction with
the General
Manager of Economic Development Culture and Tourism, be authorized to
and report back on a long term extension to
the Licence Agreement with the Kiwanis
Club for the operation of Casa Loma that
implements the vision for Casa Loma
a. enhanced heritage programming;
b. new visitor amenities;
c. expanded governance through the terms of reference, structure and
composition for the Kiwanis Board of Trustees to ensure balanced
representation of community and City interests; d. a restructured financial arrangement that continues Casa Loma as a
self sustaining
operation and maintains contributions to the exterior restoration
e. City approval for all alterations to the building and sublicence
f. a term of up to 20 years with performance
benchmarks and a full review after three
g. annual progress reports to the Economic Development Committee;
h. an exciting, imaginative, interpretive restoration plan with emphasis on
educating and entertaining visitors; and
i. the complete reinvigoration of the top floor galleries employing leading
museum and entertainment technology that will bring to life the history and
flavour of Edwardian Toronto.

3. The following motion be referred to Deputy City Manager Sue Corke for
consideration, as outlined in Part 2 above:
Moved by Councillor Moscoe:
“That more than 50 percent of the appointees in the Casa Loma Board be
appointees and additionally that the Chair of the Board be appointed by
the City.”

4. The following motion be referred to the Deputy City Manager for review
report to the Executive Committee on the implications of the motion:
Moved by Councillor Moscoe:

“1. The licence agreement with the Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma
include requirements that the Casa Loma Operating and Capital
budgets be subject to City Council review, in a manner similar to
how the City reviews other partnership organization such as
Business Improvement Areas (BIAs).

2. Prior to finalizing the agreement with the Kiwanis, Council have
the opportunity to review all renovation plans and contractual
arrangements between Casa Loma and business organizations
entering into major agreements with Casa Loma.”

5. The appropriate officials be authorized to take the necessary action to
give effect thereto.
Background Information
Casa Loma Operations and Governance
Report of stakeholder consultations in respect of Casa Loma Advisory
Committee report and final recommendations
Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma – Casa Loma Day – Visitor Experience
Casa Loma Connection (Executive Summary)
Council also considered the following:

– (July 11, 2007) from Trelawny Howell. (EX10.7.1)
– (July 17, 2007) from Stephen Thiele and Brian Roussie, Co-Founders,
The Toronto
Party. (EX10.7.2)
– (July 17, 2007) from Trelawny Howell. (EX10.7.3)
– (June 9, 2007) Issue Note, entitled “New Vision and Revitalization for
Casa Loma, submitted by Councillor Joe Mihevc, Ward 21, St. Paul’s.
– (June 2, 2007) Briefing Note from the Executive Director, Culture,
submitted by
Councillor Joe Mihevc, Ward 21, St. Paul’s. (EX10.7.5)
– Report (May 19, 2006) from the General Manager, Economic
Development, Culture
and Tourism, addressed to the Economic Development and Parks
submitted by Councillor Joe Mihevc, Ward 21, St. Paul’s. (EX10.7.6)
– Pamphlet (undated) prepared by Kiwanis International and the Liberty
Group, entitled “Re-imagine Casa Loma”, submitted by Councillor Joe
Mihevc,Ward 21, St. Paul’s. (EX10.7.7)