Councillor Joe Mihevc’s Motion at June 25, 2007 Executive Committee

Motion for Casa Loma’s New Governance


It failed by a vote of 4-7   For 4: Councillor’s Mihevc, McConnell, Fletcher and Moscoe  4 in favour.


Against 7: Mayor David Miller (Chair), Councillor’s Pantalone (Vice-Chair), Ashton,

Carroll, De Baeremaeker, Kelly, Rae.


Final vote at City Council July 16 & 17th, 2007


Re: Ex 10.7 Casa Loma Operations and Governance pg 28, 29, 30 of

Executive Committee June 25, 2007 Agenda


Motion by Councillor Joe Mehevc:


Replace Recommendation # 2 with the following:


1) Council endorse the recommendations of CLAC for the creation of a new non-profit organization, the Casa Loma Trust, to oversee the operation of the Casa Loma estate and direct the General Manager of Economic Development, Culture and Tourism, in consultation with the City Manager and the City Solicitor, to report back on the establishment of the Casa Loma Trust including its structure and mandate; and further


2) Recognizing the historic role of Kiwanis with Casa Loma


Move that Kiwanis Club:


a)                 be invited to participate as full partners in the work of creating the new not-for-profit organization;


b)                participate on the new Board of Directors by selecting its members to sit on the Board (number of Board members to be determined);


c)                 receive sufficient revenue from the new organization to continue its charitable work;



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