June-17-2010 The Star – Casa Loma needs a rethink

by Ian Wahn

June 17, 2010

Re: City ready to snatch the keys to Casa Loma, June 14

I am thrilled some people at City Hall are finally acknowledging the incredible deterioration of Casa Loma. It used to be one of the places I would recommend to people when visiting Toronto. But not any more.

Casa Loma has been in decline for decades. This is nothing new. It is expensive to tour and one gets very little bang for the buck. The buildings are in decline and need a major rejuvenation and restoration. The plumbing, heating, lighting, electrical and ventilation need to be brought up to date. The tours are a total bore as most of them are conducted by those horrible self-tour MP3 players. Most rooms are void of any furnishings.

Why aren’t the rooms fully decorated with furnishings dating from that time period? Casa Loma should look, feel, and sound as if Sir Henry Pellatt was still living there. Nothing is properly lit either inside or outside. No atmosphere whatsoever. Imagine what thousands of LEDs could do to the exterior! It could look magical high up on its picturesque hilltop.

The Kiwanis Club does a lot of good things, but running Casa Loma isn’t one of them. Casa Loma needs a complete rethink. With fresh new/eager management, a healthy budget, a vision and lots of creativity, Casa Loma could be restored to its original beauty and splendour . . . and return to being one of the jewels in Toronto’s crown.

Ian Wahn, Toronto

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